Ready to make your own whiskey?

Flavor your moonshine or distilled spirits with real oak, just like aging in barrels. Just put  WhiskeeStix right in the bottle! You can also “boost” your favorite liquor like scotch, whiskey or bourbon, with more oak flavor.

Barrel aging moonshine from corn, or distilled spirits like bourbon or scotch, from grains, can be expensive, considering barrels are generally hand-made. Plus, a great deal of spirits are lost from using small barrels, such as the stixtwo-liter or five-liter sizes. These barrels can lose as much as 25 or 30% from alcohol wicking through porous wood, to the outside of the barrel, and evaporating. Also, barrels are never as effective, if re-used.

WhiskeeStix are inexpensive and made from the same ingredients as barrels. The Stix are small enough to fit in most bottles and the bottles retain the liquor, preventing it from wicking and evaporating, like it would in a barrel.

There are no dangerous preservative chemicals or kiln drying involved with making Whiskeestix. Kiln drying can remove some of the beneficial flavors, especially if heat and vacuum are used.

Charring on WhiskeeStix carmelizes some of the natural carbohydrates and micro-amounts of sugars in the wood. It also generates a surface that can absorb bad flavors and odors, and impart flavors and tastes of wood, smoke, caramel, and natural vanillins and cinnimates into the final product.

The more stix the better. For an extra special treat, develop a rich well-rounded whiskey as a gift for a friend by purchasing your favorite moonshine or distilled spirit and add TWO packs of stix instead of one. We call that double-sticking.

I have owned a testing laboratory for more than 37-years, have a bachelors and two master’s degrees and am a certified California winemaker through the University of California, Davis enology department and agricultural extension service. Winemaking taste profiling and development helped perfect my recipe for a great in-the-bottle aging technique for whiskey and spirits. Give it a try, experiment, have some fun and enjoy the final product!!!

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How to purchase WhiskeeStix

MSRP $9.95 per pack or $25 to $27 for three packs.

Click “Buy Now” below to purchase a bulk pack of 30 for $150.00, plus shipping. One or two extra packs will be included at no charge, to help defray shipping costs.


Try a Bulk Pack of 30…that’s 30 kits or 90 Stix

WhiskeeStix 30 Pack

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How WhiskeeStix work


  • Uncork your bottle of spirits, or unscrew your canning jar. Optimum alcohol content for oak aging is 50% or 100-proof  for the best extraction of flavors.
  • If necessary, pour out a little bit of spirits to make room for your WhiskeeStix. You might also consider soaking the stix overnight in clean water. This will dilute your moonshine slightly, but might help preserve more volume.
  • Save the enclosed filter-and-rubber-band package for later.
  • Place all three Stix inside your bottle or canning jar. If all three don’t fit at one time, place one-per-month inside, removing the used stick. (You may need to push stix into the bottle or canning jar, because they might float.) Cap or cork the jar or bottle. Tape down the cork so it doesn’t pop out from expansion.
  • Mellowing will begin within a few weeks, but you can let it stand up to three-months. If you cannot fit all Stix into your bottle, then we suggest using one stick every 4 to 6 weeks, and removing one from the bottle and replacing it with a fresh stick. In two to  three months you will have Whiskey.
  • Invert or tip the bottle or jar a few times each week, to help extract flavors from the oak wood. It also helps to uncork or unseal the bottle or jar for 20 or 30 seconds and swirl it a little bit to get some fresh air in the container. Then, recap it and shake it for a couple of seconds, to help oxidize liquor and remove off-flavors. Lots of charred wood will create a sediment in the bottle or jar.
  • After three-months, use the filter package and an empty one quart jar, such as a canning jar or a clean spaghetti-sauce-jar. Do NOT wet the filter before use.
  • Place the narrow end of the filter into the open end of the jar and roll the top edge of the filter over the outside edge of the top of the jar.



  • Secure the outside of the filter to the edge of the jar with the rubber band. It will wrinkle a bit as you roll it over the outside edge and that’s okay.  The filter is a #4 cone-shaped coffee filter, if you need to replace a damaged filter.
  • Decant liquor off of any residue at the bottom of your bottle or jar.
  • Filter liquor into the bottle with the filter you just placed on top, before tasting.


  • Dispose of the filter after all of the Whiskey has passed through the filter and into the jar.


  • You should now have clear, tea-colored whiskey.


  • Place your used and dried WhiskeeStix on your barbeque burner or coals, to add flavor to meats.
  • Note: If you leave WhiskeeStix in liquor too long, it can develop an astringent or bitter quality, so remove them when liquor tastes good, or no more than three-months, and remove the WiskeeStix before drinking your spirits.
  • Warning: Do not use WhiskeeStix if you are allergic to oak wood, charred oak, oak blossoms ore oak products.
  • Do Not ingest WhiskeeStix or any large charcoal particles from WiskeeStix.  Particles are safe, but solid. If a person accidentally ingests a dangerous petroleum product, doctors have patients consume activated charcoal powder, to help absorb petroleum that is inside the body.  So, like digesting charcoal, any small particles of charred oak should not be reason for alarm, but might cause irritation in the throat, because of their irregular shape.
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